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When Someone You Love is an Emotional Extremist

2:00 EST on Mondays/ May 5 and 19

Monday, May 5: How to minimize ineffective, lengthy emotional sagas (interactions) 

The cost of staying in lengthy emotionally charged conversations can be quite draining. This will help you sort through some of the hardships you face when you are in these conversations, provide practical tips for more effective interactions, and encourage you to consider the cost and benefit of changing these interactions.

Monday, May 12:  Decreasing undesirable behavior while maintaining a relationship 

How do you support someone who is always having an emotional crisis? This workshop will help you figure out ways to maintain communication during difficult times, consider what you can’t say, and know and communicate the limits of what you can tolerate. It will also provide some practical ideas for how you may be able to help them respond in ways that are more effective and adaptive for your relationship.

Cost: $75 for two classes 


Parenting the Emotionally Extreme Teen

1:00 EST on Wednesdays/ May 7, 14, and 21

(*Please note change from Thursdays to Wednesdays)

Thursday, May 7: Pressing the Pause Button: Acknowledging Your Own Emotional Pain.  Parents may be focusing all their energy around their adolescent- but sometimes they need a little help, too! This seminar really is for parents; and will give them the opportunity to pause the moment, identify overwhelm, decrease isolation, and press the re-set button.

Thursday, May 14: Loss, Change, and Independence: Tolerating Turbulence, Parenting with Self-Respect, Remembering Values, and Surviving Emotional Storms. Parenting the teenager involves navigating certain losses as teens become more and more independent. This can be hard! We will address ways to endure intense emotions, survive stormy interactions, respond to teens in a way that reflects parental values, and find alternatives to extreme responding as parents.

Thursday, May 21: Dialectical Behavior Therapy: What is “normal”? How do I “understand”? What can I do to help? What if my teen is cutting? We will review the material from Dialectical Behavior Therapy for parents, including adolescent norms, validation strategies, reasons teens self-harm, and how understanding emotions work can help us understand teens.

Cost: $100 for all three classes 


June Series: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Overview

More information is coming!

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Classes are presented in the following format:

What is a teleseminar? A teleseminar is a format for delivering presentations online. All teleseminar series will be recorded and there will be an opportunity for Q&A’s. Can’t make it live? You can always listen to it later at your own convenience. The classes will last no more than one hour.

Summary of what you get when you sign up for the classes:

  • The opportunity to listen live and ask questions
  • Recordings of classes that you miss if you can’t make it
  • An action sheet from each class to complete after the class is over, which includes: Questions, prompts, and guidelines to help you think through your individual situation
  • A Power Point Presentation (you can take notes during the presentation if you would like)

My Disclaimer: This is not psychotherapy and should not be considered an agreement of any sorts of a professional, medical, or therapy relationship. These classes are classes, not treatment. They are educational! And just like any live class, there will be opportunities for Q&A’s and action homework handout sheets to complete on your own. You will need to seek psychotherapy services on your own if necessary when you take these classes.

Refund policy: Because of the flexible learning opportunities provided in this class, no refunds are available. I will refund your money if for any reason I am not able to provide the service.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Teleseminars:

How long is it? Each one is approximately an hour or less. I try to pack in as much good information as possible, so it is a lot like going to a class (hence, a seminar!). If no one asks questions they may be a bit short shorter. Most of the ones I have done so far have run approximately 50 minutes. 

What if I can’t attend? All of them are recorded. They will be available to listen to at your convenience as often as you want to for a limited period of time- typically a month. The only limitation to not attending live is that you won’t be able to ask questions during the seminar. 

What are my options for getting the material? Prior to the live teleseminar, you will receive a powerpoint presentation and an action worksheet. If you would rather just listen to the recording and not watch the powerpoint, you can do that too.  

What happens after I make my payment?  After you click on the link to make the payment via PayPal, you will be re-directed to my website. Shortly after you will get an e-mail asking you to confirm your “subscription” (the same way you are on this mailing list).  PLEASE BE SURE to click on the link in the e-mail in order to get on the list to receive the powerpoint, action worksheet, and link for the teleseminar. You should then get these materials prior to the teleseminar on the day it is being hosted. 

This is perfect for someone else I know…Feel free to tell them! Just remember to encourage them to sign up for the mailing list if they want to receive further e-mails from me about future classes.

Will these be repeated at a later time? Right now I am developing the series. I can’t guarantee that anything will be repeated! If people express a strong interest in something it will help me continue to develop classes and flush out additional materials and resources. On the other hand, classes down the road may veer towards different topics. Please e-mail me with any feedback. 

How do I know when future online trainings are offered?

Simply click here to sign up for my mailing list. Persons on this list will get priority registration and discounts and will be the first to be alerted to all upcoming classes. In addition, you will receive 7 steps for sailing through emotional storms when you join. People have found these practical and wise words of wisdom very helpful.

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Books that I would recommend:

Overcoming Depression One Step at a Time

ACT Made Simple

The High Conflict Couple

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Calming the Emotional Storm

DBT Made Simple

The Stress Response

Things might go terribly, horribly wrong

Other resources and links: is a credible website with a plethora of online resources, instant skills, handouts, and audio transcripts. You can go there now and do “instant mindfulness.”

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